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ROCKFALL 3 -ZX Spectrum-

 by equinox  Rockfall 3 is now available for the ZX Spectrum. The earliest levels should be quite easy, if you’ve played Rockfall or Boulder Dash. But the last few get into real “Kaizo” territory… :evil: However, there is no lives system, so you can keep playing until you get bored or crazy  120 levels to solve    Download here:…


 by Altanerus Dog    UNA AVENTURA URBEX EN TU AMSTRAD CPC 464   Kommando Urbex son Laura, Albert y Pau, su gran pasión es visitar lugares abandonados y revalorizar estos. Les ha llegado una noticia de qué sucesos extraños están pasando en un antiguo complejo agropecuario del siglo XVII, en un lugar de difícil acceso. A esto se suma la…

ARLO. “Nunca provoques a un extraterrestre…” -ZX Spectrum-

 by Packobilly    Let´s get out of this planet! Platform action game   Ciertamente, aún recuerdo la primera vez que jugué a un juego de Packobilly: Papyrus (ZX Spectrum), cuando, aún, prácticamente nadie conocía a este creativo. El título ya tenía gracia y resultaba bastante sorpresivo, siendo una opera prima. Desde entonces, mucho ha evolucionado el bueno de Packo hasta…

XLN Bikes (MSX)

 by PlattySoft    [BASIC 10Liner 2024] [PUR-80]   XLN Bikes is a single player game inspired by the classic Tron Lightcycles Download, here Source:

Furia de Titanes -ZX Spectrum-

 by TiranusSoft    Un juego desarrollado con el Mpagd 7.10 de Jonathan Cauldwell y basado en la mitología griega    Perseo tras conocer a Medusa quedó completamente “petrificado” ante su mirada, desde entonces nuestro héroe local solo quiere estar con la famosísima gorgona y no se deja ver por la zona. Zeus necesita a Perseo para que le haga un…

SE Michigan Vintage Computer Club “Swap Meet”

SE Michigan Vintage Computer Club “Swap Meet”

Date: 6 April 2024 Time: 12:00 – 4:00 pm EDT Sponsor: Commodore Chronicles Podcasts Location: Grace Chapel Waterford Duration: 4 hr Open to the Public Four hours of selling, buying, trading, showing off and community discussion completely free of charge thanks to generous donations from Frank Linares of Retro Rewind, Martin Jenkins, Peter Bartusek as well as the continued support…

TerraMaker -Play in browser-

 by securas    A puzzle game about building a maze – TERRAMAKER – Help our hero find the crystal! He’s not too smart… So make sure that he doesn’t fall into the void Play, here Source:  

Mastodon Client for the Apple II Updated

Mastodon Client for the Apple II Updated

Colin Leroy-Mira has announced the latest release of Mastodon for Apple II, version 1.14.0! It provides a big performance improvement on the serial bandwidth, all the way to 115,200bps. This is especially visible for loading images. You can download the latest version and find out more about the program at: Mastodon for Apple II (][+, //c, IIe, and IIgs)

Mutant Mushrooms -ZX Spectrum-

 by The Death Square   Mutant Mushrooms is a ZX Spectrum game 128 Music by Yerzmyey, GFX and code by Sludge   A Robotron type shooter Shoot all the mushrooms to progress, collect gems to increase firepower Creatures are immune to your pellets so dont let them corner you Video: Download, here Source:

Script Central Special Edition V9N1 Released

Script Central Special Edition V9N1 Released

Announcing the release of Script-Central Special Edition v9n1. This is the sixth issue of the HyperCard IIGS disk magazine Mr. Bellina has released since 2020 and is made available as a zipped 32 MB ProDOS disk image. Full announcement at: In addition to the regular departments which provide news, jokes, HCGS tips and tricks, sound effects, icons, useful handlers…