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VITNO Preview & Interview: Yeti Mountain (C64)

2024 is set to start with a bang within the Commodore 64 gaming scene as Protovision have confirmed that they have secured the distribution rights to Yeti Mountain – a multi-genre interactive game adventure developed by a talented team headed by Russell Mills. Spread out across three distinct episodes, Yeti Mountain features a well structured story narrative (well I would…

Mutant Mushrooms -ZX Spectrum-

 by The Death Square   Mutant Mushrooms is a ZX Spectrum game 128 Music by Yerzmyey, GFX and code by Sludge   A Robotron type shooter Shoot all the mushrooms to progress, collect gems to increase firepower Creatures are immune to your pellets so dont let them corner you Video: Download, here Source:


 by Jim Waterman The game was released as participant in the Crap Games Competition 2024 (C.S.S.C.G.C. 2024)  Download here:…  Source: 

MSX Sound Tool X

 by Keith Erickson   Have you ever wanted to use the SOUND command in MSX BASIC, but didn’t know how? Well, you’re in luck because MSX Sound Tool X makes using the SOUND command a piece of cake! MSX Soud Tool X take part in a Basic 10Liner Contest Download, here Source:

Falling Balls (Atari, Amstrad, CoCo)

 by spotlessmind1975        “FALLING BALLS (10 liner)” is a simple arcade game for one player. The player must drop balls into the baskets at the bottom of the screen, in the shortest possible path. The longer the ball travels across the screen, the fewer points he/she accumulates This game runs on three different 8-bit home computers: ATARI 400/800/XL/XE, AMSTRAD…

The Queen’s Footsteps (StoryTllr version) -C64-

 by  Marco Giorgini    StoryTllr port of the first part of Davide Bucci’s masterpiece   A StoryTllr C64 port of the first part of Davide Bucci‘s The Queen’s Footsteps – now released as GPL 3.0.  The only real difference with the original version should be some minor engine-default behaviors and, of course, the presence of graphics in each location. Download, here…

Ad Astra 2420 -C64-

 by orlof    C64 tactical space opera for single player or two player co-op   In Ad Astra 2420 you are a star ranger deployed for long range reconnaissance mission in Rimward asteroid belt where eight Verge Stations perform asteroid mining. Your mission is to collect the missing components for Singularity Diffuser before runaway singularity destroys space-time. Mission requires you to mine…

Bomb Jack Pico-8

 by pahammond  Pico-8 game based on the 1984 tehkan game Play, here Source:

Celeste Classic for Spectrum Next

 by David Programa    An iconic platformer game, known for its toughness    Celeste Classic is an iconic platform game, originally developed by Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry, for the Pico-8 fantasy console (link).  They later developed Celeste, a highly acclaimed game that any platformer lover should play (link) This is a remake for the Spectrum Next Download, here Source: …

Driftmania -Pico-8-

 by Frenchie14    Tiny Tracks. Fast Laps Driftmania is an arcade time trial racing game. Your goal is to get the fastest possible time on each of the 15 challenging tracks on Pico-8 Play, here Source:

K-Man -ZX81-

 By Dr Beep    K-MAN es un Pac-Man en 1K y muy divertido para el ZX81 Dr Beep ha liberado uno de los juegos del casete Super Programs 10  Enlace al foro Sinclair ZX World para descarga el juego y el código Fuente: ZX81 hoy