Batman: The Caped Crusader 1988, Ocean

This is a very good adventure game inspired by a comic hero that actually consists of two little games that are much alike. You are supposed to stop Joker and catch the Penguin (separated in two games), Batman’s sworn enemies and save Gotham city. What else could a big bat do?

You lead our hero through the comic boxes, which is very original and interesting idea. You wander around searching for items and discovering how to use them. By pressing down+fire you pick up objects and enter the inventory. In the inventory you lead a small Batman-sign in order to select the proper action. Five icons are in the middle for drop, use, exit inventory, restart the game or switch music on/off. You also see empty boxes. When you pick up an object, it will appear in the previously empty box as an proper icon. In order to use or drop it, you must first select the item and then select the action. Very simple.

Also, there are few scales shown in the inventory which are slowly melting. This shows your energy, and is actually time you have left since, once you’re out of your hideout, energy is slowly draining even if enemy don’t hit you. Along the way you’ll find various sorts of food which will recover your energy and few time-limited upgrades. This means that you’ll have to hurry to finish the mission.

There are many types of enemy. There are few big guys and many small robots and toys that will shoot at you. Enemy number is unlimited and may only cause your energy to drain quicker. Fighting enemies will only make them run away from the single screen. Right on the next one they will attack as usual. Still, this means that you can clean the screen and think about a certain puzzle.

In the first mission, the Joker has set dynamite under the city and has captured Robin. You have to neutralise the explosives, help your friend and find the Joker. In the second mission you “just” have to catch Penguin. This means entering his own house. No easy task for a bat today. Both games look the same and are only different in goals and puzzles. There just might be a couple of puzzles that will give you a headache. Also, the inventory screen in the Joker mission shows explosives you still haven’t neutralised.

The Graphics are very nicely drawn and the music is great. I strongly suggest to leave the music on during the game. This is a must-try for several reasons: besides it is fun, you won’t find many adventures that use such a simple interface and that still have efficient gameplay and you surely won’t find ones with Batman. I hope that new adventure-lovers and Batman fans will enjoy this game like some older players did.

CIA Score 9/10 

Download: Batman the Caped Crusader
Reviewer: marko river

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