“Vulture Design was created by the two old friends – Odyn and Agoth, in 1994 AD. For a long period of completely inactivity on the computer scene, we decided to create something for the scene. In this time to the group joined Arsforce and Mr.Q as coders, Splatterpunk as swapper, and Surgeon as musician. Us first real scene production at this time was diskmag called THE SEER, coded by almighty Mr.Mike/Aspect/Vermes, featured gfx done by Hawk. In the same year we made some cracks done by Arsforce and Mr.Q, and little bit of warez. In 1996 ad. Mr.Mike and Agoth created first Odyn’s graphiX collection called Baboon Ziben, Mr.Q coded CHRISTMASS COLLECTION, small music pack of Surgeon’s SID’s.”


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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