GameBase 64 V8.0

“It took a while, but GB64 reached its 8th incarnation and what’s more, it’s now online and ready to be peeked, poked and sys’ed by you, O True Believers.”

“But ‘what’s new?’, I hear you cry in excitement … Well, besides its whole new mean attitude and unforgiving disposition that elevates it into a new level of coolness, it now includes:

  • 22500 database entries
  • 1531 new game images
  • 507 updated game images
  • 3000 games with original disk image
  • 3333 games with original tape image
  • support of the latest HVSC #55
  • Newly introduced fields: “Developer”, “Graphics” and “Clone of”
  • a huge amount of credit fixes
  • plus some unexpected surprises!


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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