Mail Order Monsters

A unique group who composes music using only the SID chip as their sound source.

About the group:

Mail Order Monsters is a three piece music and video performance group, celebrating of the sound of the Commodore 64 computer, which debuted in 1982. We play a wide range of Commodore 64 video game music, and our own original music.

We’ve spent over a year building custom sound controllers that use the audio chip from the Commodore 64, and place it in a new circuity that allows the audio chip to be used to its fullest. Our performance utilizes over 20 audio chips from actual Commodore computers, as well as four actual C-64 systems in our live show. Everything you hear comes out of the Commodore 64 audio chip.

The group is comprised of three keyboard players, using multiple keyboard and percussion controllers. Our music pushes the Commodore chip past its previous limitations, this is achieved through a custom assembled hardware controller, and custom programmed software to enable modern keyboard controllers to access the audio chip.

Anyone can check their unique compositions featuring all SID sound on their website:

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