Turbo Chameleon 64 beta firmware v6g released

Turbo Chameleon 64 is an extremely user-friendly cartridge that can be used without opening the computer. It is just plugged to the expansion port of the C64.

The Turbo Chameleon 64 cartridge can also be operated as a stand-alone unit (since it’s basically an FPGA computer like the C-One or the Minimig in a C64 cartridge case), replacing the computer, the floppy drive and the heavy power supply.

When used as a stand-alone unit, a USB power adapter or active USB hub can be used as a power source.


Differences from Beta-6f to Beta-6g:

  • Implemented bit-fade in SID when no waveform is selected.
  • Implemented bit-fade in SID when reading write-only registers.
  • Added bits to detect in menu when disk-images need update after write actions by the emulated drives.
  • Implemented “door” on emulated drive, when open drive will read dummy bytes.
  • Fixed CPU instruction timing bugs discovered when comparing emulated 6510 against real 6510.
  • CPU irq/nmi timing fixes.
  • Implemented bit-fade on I/O port of emulated 6510.
  • Fixed SID stereo mapping for D500 and D700.
  • Four timers added at addresses D0AA to D0AD for menu (it can’t use CIA timers when freezing).

Download: Chameleon_Beta-6g.zip
Source: syntiac.com

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