AmiUpdate 2.9 released

AmiUpdate released in the Version 2.9 for AmigaOS 4.


– Fixed a typo in the version string.
– Fixed a duplicated menu shortcut. (Thanks to Tuomas Hokka for both reports)
– Added a check to see if a more complex directory structure was supplied in which to store downloaded archives.
– Fixed a possible memory leak in the RebootDeamon.
– Fixed a layout issue in the “Rebooting in 10 seconds” window.
– The extended and normal description strings displayed encoded entities if present in the xml database.
– When the program is uniconified, the Workbench screen is now brought to the front of the display in case the uniconification was caused by a notification double-click.
– If a connection required authorisation and the stored login details were incorrect, the connection would fail with a 403 error. Now the user will be prompted to re-enter the login for the current server in order to replace the login data.
– Added more sanity checks to the downloaded database when scanning servers.


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