Blinky's Scary School +29D

Blinky’s Scary School +29D by Hackersoft

Press the following keys during game play to turn on/off the extra features: 

1 = Jump one screen to the left 
2 = Jump one screen to the right 
3 = Jump one screen up 
4 = Jump one screen down 
5 = Infinite lives 
6 = Infinite energy 
7 = Blinky’s scary eyes! 
8 = Blinky’s full ‘body’ 
9 = Freeze time – stops the moon turning into the sun 
0 = Drop you from the left of the screen* 
+ = Drop you from the centre of the screen* 
– = Drop you from the right of the screen* 
Q = The Game Ending! 
W = Music select: Main title tune 
E = Music select: Level start ditty 
R = Music select: Game over ditty 
T = Music select: Game ending tune 
Y = Music select: Funny ending remix! 
U = Music off / Sound effects back on 
I = Blinky colour 
O = Background colour 
P = Freeze all baddies on screen 
A = Change into underwater Blinky and swim in water 
S = Change back to normal Blinky 
D = Turn on the lights – press this and go off and then back on to a dark screen 
F = Fly up from the cauldron – stand on the cauldron and press this! 
G = All tasks complete. Stand above the bed and press this! 
H = High jump! 
J = Normal jump 

* Just in case you get stuck in the walls, use this feature


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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