Falcon Patrol 2 +23D

Falcon Patrol 2 +23D by Hackersoft

Press the following keys during game play to turn on/off the extra features: 

Q = Invincible in the skies ON 
E = Invincible in the skies OFF 
T = Infinite Lives ON 
U = Infinite Lives OFF 
O = Infinite Fuel ON 
@ = Infinite Fuel OFF 
F3 = Infinite Ammo ON 
F5 = Infinite Ammo OFF 
UP ARROW = Level Skip 
S = Ground Flying ON 
F = Ground Flying OFF 
H = Sprite Collision OFF 
K = Sprite Collision ON 
: = Freeze/banish Enemy 
= = Unfreeze/Unbanish Enemy 
X = Colour of Sky 
V = Colour of Jet 
N = Colour of Ground 
, = JUMBO Jets! 
/ = Ickle Jets 
R/S = Fire Missiles backwards! 
L-Shift = Fire Missiles forwards 
CRSR UP/DWN = Reset colours (sky, ground, jet)

Source: www.hackersoft.co.uk

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1 thought on “Falcon Patrol 2 +23D

  1. It’s all retro now. For me it always was because I only got my 64 as its commecial life was dying and even then second-hand.

    I still enjoyed all the old games, cheaper than ever as other kids took up the SNES or Mega Drive. I told them ‘for the money you get one slick-looking game. I got a whole computer and crate of tapes.’

    I messed about with BASIC and simple office stuff, then brought it into the studio. It’s more valuable than ever.

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