Kickstarter – The History of Ocean Software by Retro Fusion

Ocean Software was a revered and well respected software house all over the world, producing and developing iconic games throughout the 8 and 16-bit era.

‘The History Of Ocean’ will unfold the story of Ocean; exploring the company’s origins, its employees, their games, their music and the iconic artwork that placed the company at the forefront of the games industry for over a decade.

With your support they want to produce the definitive Ocean book – full colour, high production quality and written by Roger Kean of Newsfield, the company that gave them the seminal Crash, ZZap 64 and Amtix magazines.

Ocean was a British company that was formed back in 1983 by David Ward and Jon Woods and was initially called Spectrum Software. Ocean Software began as a publisher hiring external developers – their first games included Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, Mr Wimpy and The Hamburger Game and Hunchback II: Quasimodo’s Revenge.

‘The History of Ocean’ will chart the rise of Ocean Software throughout the 1980 and 1990’s and will be littered with anecdotes from those that contributed to the company’s success as well as photographs, concept graphics, sprites and Ocean memorabilia that has never been seen outside the Ocean Headquarters in Manchester.

The Kickstarter goal is £12,000 and ends on December the 14th, so far Chris Wilkins has raised £6,942, let’s make this happen!

You can make a pledge over at

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