Assembloids is a new game for the Commodore C64. The programming of the game is done by enthusi, the music is from Conrad and the graphics are from iLKke. The game is a puzzle game, and you have to assemble a face before the time runs out. The better you assemble the face the more points you will score.

Assembloids is one of the games that entered the RGCD 2012 cartridge competition. Other games are: Amazon Tales, Escape From The Laundry, Get ‘Em DX, Little Sara Sister 2, Match-Buster, Monkey Eat Milkey, On The Farm III, Rent-A-Cop, SpaceChem Nano, Super Bread Box and Wonderland.

The RGCD 2012 cartridge competition.

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  1. Basically its very simple, I dont think you play it more than ten minutes each time, but you play it again and again. Assembloids deserves something bigger than a retro platform. It could easy be a topgame at Facebook with highscore competions.

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