WinUAE 2.5.1 Beta 1

– Internal mouse counter under/overflow fixed, while moving mouse far enough, mouse jumped in opposite direction. (old bug)
– Directory filesystem file modification date resolution support is now 1 microsecond (was 1 second). AmigaDOS file time 1/50s “tick” resolution is now fully supported (if NTFS, FAT only has 2 second resolution)
– 1G RTG RAM was detected as “too large”. (early 250 beta)
– ClipCursor() was not always called, it was possible for hidden Windows mouse to move outside of WinUAE window in some situations. (250b24)
– RTG aspect ratio still affected filter panel aspect ratio setting. (b26 update was not complete)
– _UAEFSDB.___ meta data files (stores illegal names, protection flags and comments if non-stream capable filesystem like FAT) haven’t worked correctly for a long time.
– _UAEFSDB.___ wasn’t always deleted when it become empty.
– Unminimizing unpaused emulation when “pause when mouse is uncaptured” was enabled.
– If win32.guikey config entry is set, normal GUI key (F12) events won’t open the GUI anymore.
– Always reset special monitor active flag (A2024/Graffiti) when display mode changes, fixes A2024 mode position when window needs to reopen but resolution didn’t change.
– Improved windowed mode bottom statusbar height calculation, fixes two pixel gap in Windows Vista classic mode.
– Fixed Amiga-side illegal memory access when booting directory harddrive(s) under KS 1.3.
– Reset GUI/emulation display when Windows desktop state changes (Theme change etc..)
– Removed remains of unused AROS CDFS support code.
– Compiled using MSVC 2012 with update 1 installed.


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