WinUAE 2.5.1 Beta 2

– Resuming pause with input event didn’t restore sound. (b1)
– Do not capture mouse when theme changes, keep pause state (Window may not get refreshed until unpaused, this won’t be fixed until later) (b1)
– Windows mouse mode and mouse not captured: right, middle and other possible extra mouse buttons leaked to Amiga side.
– Fixed GUI JIT slider weird behavior when cache size slider was moved to zero.
– Windowed mode status bar appeared in full window modes after mode change (b1)
– Epson matrix color printing swapped red and blue fixed. (Printing only, png output worked)
– Fixed 68010 + cycle-exact broken interrupt handling. (This is not recommended option, it is far from cycle-exact)
– Optimized build (official b1) had wrong settings, didn’t load on Windows XP.


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