Revenge of the Tomato

To mark the celebration of a new year. TND are very happy to bring the FIRST EVER C64 GAME of 2013, as it didn’t quite make it last week on Christmas Day, due to being unfinished. The game is called Revenge of the Tomato. Richard was originally going to call it revenge of the MEGA TOMATO, but the loading picture had a different name. So he called it Revenge of the Tomato instead.

ROTT is a horizontal scrolling blaster in which you are battling across the towns, cities and countryside, fighting against the evil mutant tomatoes, which were built by aliens. Then at the end of your journey, you face a terrifying ordeal, by fighting against the MEGA TOMATO. A giant mutant tomato which is out to stop you – simply by trying to ram into you.

Don’t take this game too seriously, as it has been yet another short practice piece. There may still be some odd bugs or glitches in the game, but hopefully this game should keep you entertained for a bit. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the new year. More new C64 news related to TND to follow this coming weekend.


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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