Assembloids C64 Cartridge Review by Tomse

Unwrapping the goods

I got Assembloids together with the two in one Spike and MineStorm cartridge from RGCD, you can read the article here.

Assembloids Package

The standard box is the usual good quality products from RGCD and contains the cartridge, manual and sticker. What you get as addition is a code sheet you can fill out to continue where you ended, it’s similar to a highscore saver.


Starting up my trusty C128D with the Assembloids cartridge attached I was surprised to see the RGCD logo as shown above. In the old days it would probably have said Ocean or EOA or similar. I love it.

Time to spend some time

Assembloids is a puzzle game and it’s great fun. if you are into puzzle games, beware: this one is addictive, even my wife thinks it’s great.


After watching the intro, credits, instructions and demo cycle a couple of times I got the hang of the game. Ready to play; I can really recommend a fast responsive joystick with microswitches. The Wico series have their advantages for some games, but here they aren’t. The smaller joysticks like Arcade, Zip stick and Competition joysticks are your friends here.

Face off

Four different faces exist, each face is split into four parts. The puzzle of the game here is to move the part presented in the middle box into one of the four assembly boxes, and collect a face. The more parts of the same face that’s collected in the same box the more points you get.

You only need to use the directional stick on the joystick to move the parts, up, down, left or right. And you are of course on a time limit, a limit that gets smaller and smaller, this is where the microswitch joystick is useful, fast responses.

Assembloids Gameplay

This is a game I can recommend to anyone who likes puzzle games. And to be honest, I don’t have time to write more as I need to go back playing this game.

At the time of writing, the retail version of Assembloids isn’t available for download, but you can download the Competition version here.

It’s also possible to buy the game on a Cassette tape

Buy the cartridge: here

More info: on RGCD

It’s also possible to buy the game on a Casette tape, just click the link above to get info how.

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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