Frost Byte +26D

frost_byte_01Frost Byte +26D by Hackersoft

Press the following keys during game play to turn on/off the extra features: 

1 = Skip one screen back* 
2 = Skip one screen forward* 
3 = Teleport to the left 
4 = Teleport to the right 
5 = Teleport to top** 
6 = Teleport to bottom 
7 = Infinite Energy (Twang) 
8 = Infinite Lives 
9 = Infinite Ammo 
0 = Normal Mode (resets 7,8,9) 
+ = Sprite Collision OFF 
– = Sprite Collision ON 
Q = Game Ending 
W = Teleport to Level 1 
E = Teleport to Level 2 
R = Teleport to Level 3 
T = Teleport to Level 4 
Y = Teleport to Level 5 
U = Final Room*** 
I = Speed up! 
O = Jump higher 
P = Bionic Hickey! 
@ = Normal Hickey (resets I,O,P) 
A = Sprite colour 
S = Biggie Sprites 
D = Icle Sprites 

FIX: Vinny has fixed the game so that you don’t need to configure the joystick settings when the game first loads. Just PRESS FIRE to start as it states ;-)

* On certain screens, you need to be standing correctly on the ground/platform to go up a screen. Sometimes flicking through screens can put your platform position out. Just use ‘6’ to teleport to the correct platform level so that the game code knows where you are. 

** You can also use this if you get stuck in the ceiling. 

*** Enter the house on the right ;-)


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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