Winter blues?

Stuck in the house this weekend because of the snow? Bored out of your skull because there won’t be anything to do in the house and all the mindless TV will slowly drive you insane?

Well why not get your Commodore computer out and have a play. Don’t have a Commodore? Well then go grab an emulator and start having some fun with my 5 games to take away the winter blues.

last_nina_2 Number 1 –
Nothing says isometric arse kicking ninja action like Last Ninja 2 on the C64. This game will surely get the gaming juices going. Great graphics, great music and great gameplay combine to make one hell of a package.
cfg_64Number 2 –
Inject a bit of California sun into your life with California Games on either the C64 or Amiga. With games such as BMX riding, roller skating and surfing there will be plenty to keep you entertained. And the bitesized nature of the individual events means you will be able to pass the time away between bouts of warming hot chocolate.
004Number 3 –
Fancy something to monkey around with on an afternoon? The why not give Monkey Island on the Amiga a go. The game can be completed in just over 2 hours if you know what your doing. But even if you don’t the game has plenty of depth and challenge with some interesting characters to meet to melt away the afternoon blues. Just don’t throw yourself off a cliff unless there is a rubber tree in the way.
001Number 4 –
Want to blast aliens? Want a challenge? Want some of the best action platforming? Then Turrican II: The Final Fight will be for you. Either grab the C64 or Amiga version because both are great games. While the game initially eases you in with a simplistic first 5 minutes it will suddenly turn up the difficulty and give you a great challenge. Great level design combines with some epic boss battles.
002Number 5 –
Don’t let Rodland’s cute graphics and music put you off this truly great arcade conversion for the Amiga. Behind Rodland’s graphics lies a very competent arcade platformer. The difficulty increases at a nice pace and the overall gameplay is superb. A great pickup and play game that will bring a smile to your face.

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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