WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 4

– Fixed 68030 MMU MOVEM to memory wrong bus error data output buffer value.
– 68030 MMU FMOVEM didn’t work if it caused bus fault.
– 68060 MMU non-locked Read-Modify-Write bus error bits emulated.
– SCSI emulation: reject >0 LUNs also when LUN is included with SCSI Identify Message.
– IDE single drive setup should return zero when accessing non-existing slave drive’s status register.
– A2065 emulation initialization tweak, fixes NetBSD 1.0 hang.
– CDFS didn’t use CD led (FS)
– Blitter logging/debugging command line option added (was compile time previously) -blitterdebug x (1 = logging, 2 = writes to blitter register while already active logging, 4 = disable D channel, 8 = immediate blitter even in cycle-exact mode)
– Support display setups that have two (or more) horizontal DDFSTRT/DDFSTOP regions. Fixes Subtle Shades / Nuance “face” part. (There is still some small glitches on left side of text part, later..)
– Some remaining instant reset conditions replaced with halted state.


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