WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 5

– RDB hardfile dragndrop to hardfiles panel added empty hardfile.
– Windowed mode bottom border “led” state didn’t always match OSD led state.
– SCSI emulation improved, select and transfer starting from 0x45 can be used to receive data.
– SCSI emulation WD33C93 is now correctly detected as revision A, not B. (only B has Queue Tag register)
– 68060 MMU: BFCHG, BFCLR, BFSET and BFINS are read-modify-write instructions.
– GUI IDE/SCSI CD path was not updated in harddrive list when CD was changed using “Select image file” button.
– 68040/060 MMU emulation fix, PFLUSH/PFLUSHN only flushed supervisor space ATC. Hopefully this was the last major 040/060 MMU bug. Weird NetBSD and Linux crashes are gone.
– Subtle Shades / Nuance remaining graphics glitches fixed. (NOTE: ECS only, OCS has corrupted graphics and it is correct behavior)
– GUI “Swap Ports” cleared custom mappings.
– 68040/060 no FPU/disabled FPU exceptions now include correctly calculated EA field. This should allow “compatible” 040/060 FPU emulation with correctly handled missing instructions in the future (currently 040/060 FPU always supports all 68881/2 instructions)
– Added new keyboard custom event type, “kbr <string>”. For example ‘kbr “abc ” SHIFT_LEFT “abc” shift_left RETURN’ generates “abc ABC<return>”. Input name in upper case = press, lower case = release. Quoted string automatically sends both press and release key codes. Any unreleased keys are automatically released at the end. Non-quoted names are same as input event config names without KEY-prefix. (inputevents.def in source archive)
– Adjusted drive step limit value slightly, Extemporized / Digital works again.
– Fixed virtual mouse driver mouse movement problem (b1)


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