1541 Ultimate II firmware v2.6 released

ultimate_spartanA new firmware for the 1541 Ultimate II has been released. A few bugs were fixed so the firmware is released as 2.6c

Version 2.6c contains some small fixes on top of 2.6.

  • Release notes:
  • This version does include SID, but is just single-drive. It does include the Ultimate Audio module. Different builds may become available upon request.
  • FIXED: USB stick present on boot time caused the Ultimate-II to crash when loading a file from SD at initialisation time (kernal rom / drive rom)
  • FIXED: Starting a program with RUN sometimes caused the ultimate to become unresponsive when freezing afterwards.
  • FIXED: Now reads USB sticks with FAT16 format, but without partition table.

Version 2.6 includes some new features:

  • Disk Copier from real drives to .D64 images
  • Command Interface
  • Ultimate-II DOS V1.0 (command target)
  • Kernal replacement function

… and some important fixes, including:

  • TAP file recorder failed miserably on high latency write devices. Rewritten; should work better now.
  • Drive data timing has improved. Timing is now dependent on the data track itself, not on the speed setting of the VIA. This fixes some protected titles in G64 format.

Source: 1541 Ultimate website

Download for the firmware can be accessed after logging on.

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