Retrogaming Times Monthly #105

Retrogaming_Times_MonthlyIn the latest pdf/html release of Retrogaming Times Monthly are the following articles: More 64! – RGCD 16K Cartridge Competition 2012, CoCoLicious! – The CoCo’s 3rd Time Is A Charm (2), The Fire And The Glory…And The Unfortunate Truth About What Happened With The Transformers, MAME Reviews – Gridlee Revisited, Apple II Incider – Super Bowl Sunday (4th & Inches / Apple IIGS), Gaming Studies With The Tomy Tutor – Scramble, NES’cade – Palamedes, The Retro Junkies – Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Dual Perspective – Mega Man II, The Pixelated Mage – Blast Corps + More!


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