Assembloids & Spike/MineStorm Available!

assembminespikeSTOP PRESS! Two new C64 game cartridges from RGCD have just arrived and are available to buy from their shop page now!

Assembloids (C64)
Copyright Onslaught, RGCD 2012-2013
Compatibility: PAL/NTSC C64/128/GS

Initially entered in the 2012 16KB Cartridge Development Competition (where it secured 2nd place), Assembloids has been further refined and enhanced for this final retail version. Based on Photon Storm’s excellent Quartet game, Assembloids is a frantic reflex-based puzzle game in which you must assemble faces from four different sets as quickly as possible against an increasingly tight time limit.

Spike/MineStorm (C64)
Copyright GCE 1982-1983, TRSI 2009-2013
Compatibility: PAL/NTSC C64/128/GS

Following on from last year’s authorised cartridge release of Fortress of Narzod, this compilation of frantic shooter MineStorm and oddball platformer Spike complete Peiselulli‘s acclaimed ‘Vectrex Trilogy’. Originally developed exclusively for the Vectrex console, through negotiating with Jay Smith of Smith Engineering/Western Technologies (via his son Spencer) RGCD and TRSI are proud to present the official C64 conversions of two undisputed retro classics.


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