WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 7

– In JIT mode format 2 stack frames had wrong address field contents, this also broke 68060 unimplemented integer instruction exceptions (64-bit variants of DIVL and MULL).
– GUI boot priority/autoboot/automount handling fixed and simplified.
– 68030 “cycle-exact” mode used 020 instruction cache emulation code. No guarantees that this fixes all 68030 “CE” problems.
– D3D texture memory leak fixed (b6)
– A2024/Graffiti extra display buffer memory leak fixed.
– 1/50s file modification date also supported on FAT volumes. Returns FAT file creation date (which has 10ms resolution, file modification date only has 2s resolution) if it is inside file modifcation date’s 2s resolution. (Currently Vista or newer only)
– 68040+ “no FPU” exception stack frame still had incorrect data.
– Disable 68040/060 CPU “More compatible” option if JIT is enabled. JIT active and not emulating unimplemented instructions isn’t safe because JIT and normal emulation does not always agree which instructions are supported.
– A2065 emulation tweak, Ethernet chip documentation STOP/STRT/INIT bit documentation is not very clear.


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