Swedish Home Computer Hacking

Well, apart from the hacking I’m doing at home already, I wanted to share a strange moment. I have a fan!!


I was at a copyparty last weekend (Datastorm 2013 in Gothenburg) and I was talking to Sixx/GP (about MSX and Spectravideo) at the infodesk when Jörgen (I think it was? My name-face memory has perpetual checksum error.) points to me and says “You’ve written articles for Svenska Hemdator Hacking, right?” (Well, he said it in Swedish, of course.)

Turns out he had recently read articles by me on programming the MSX and the Amiga in said computer magazine, because all the issues had gone online, and …get this… recognized my face! And there I was, 22 years older and with a goatee. Huh.

So we talked about MSX and the Spectravideo 318/328 that were its blueprints, Osborne 1, Microbee, Acorn Atom, ZX-81 and Z-88 and shared enthusiasm about firing up ye olde freakeh slow bitcracker machine and watching the pixels glowing by…

As a (perhaps?) interesting aside, Swedes misused the term ‘hacking’ at first. Here, for most, it meant putting together code very fast on inspiration, hacking away very fast on your keyboard. A year or two later, when the term’s proper meaning of breaking into more or less secure computer systems became clear to the general public here, the mag had to change its name to Home Computer News (Hemdatornytt). Well, Meh.

Anyway, these archives were a very nice find :) And I just bought issue #1 2012 with my spare change on Paypal for SEK 24:90 (EUR 2.50), just because I was curious to find out what Microbees are used for these days(!) I know they made a 256K Amiga-like that looked dorkily CP/M-ey.

…And I read the issue and find out you can buy a Microbee 32 kit to build your own computer. And the drooling starts again. How to stop it?

Old computers. Just when you think they’ve blown your mind, they blow your mind again.

Gratuitous issue cover: (Anyone know the game name?)

Swedish Home Computer Hacking, issue #4, 1986
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