CSDb Latest Releases

116207Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Eye of Anubis, MegaLogoMania, Primeval Soup, Out on the Lake, MiniRyk, Grandness of The Canaries – All Inclusive version, Pantaloonie_v4, Where Colors Fly, Slaughtered, Multicolor2Char v0.1, Imagination is Closed, CTG, IDE64 ideservd 0.27b for Mac OS X, 251 chars free, Sextone-arsenic, Pipsqueak 3D, QRule world, TRSi – Elegant Angel, Based on a true story, Dick Almighty ’90, Couldnt resist (sorry), Asteroids +, Graffiti Gangster, Delysid Island, Longer, Mein-baum, Twilight of the Thundergod, The River, Hotstuff, Claculate It, DuTreff, 3-Color-Diced, Power Up!Antiquities, Asteroids Emulator, 3-Color-Diced, ArrowLevel64, Asteroids +, Longer, We Are, Laxity Intro #49 (raster jumper), LüneArt Logo #1, Demeter x1, Asteroids Emulator +1D [pal/ntsc], FZero. U can’t spell Fuck w/o F, Arsenic 3Col Logo, Lovely Eyes, S-Blox +D, Demeter x3, Triad3colours, Pixel Porn Providers, Vendetta Logo 2013, Fairlight Compo Logo, K2 Logo, Fox and Egg, Reunited, Snake +2, Space-Devil +2ED, Inside Logo and Crest Kid.

Source: http://csdb.dk

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