Retro Gamer 113 – The Amiga 500

rg113_cover_small_350pixJust landed in newsagents up and down the country is issue 113 of Retro Gamer magazine. Sporting an unusually sparkly white Amiga 500 on its front cover, this edition features a massive multi-page Amiga 500 love-in.

Although one of the sections covers essential peripherals, the remainder of the article is firmly rooted in gaming, highlighting some of the Amiga’s finest titles, and explaining why these should be in your collection.

The magazine also covers some of the Amiga’s rarest/collectable games, with (unsurprisingly) Mario Brothers rip-off The Great Giana Sisters being their jewel in the crown.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a huge buying and rarity guide covering well over 200 Amiga titles, plus an interview with Amiga collector and Downfall Creator Graham Humphrey.

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