WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 13

– Ignore vendor specific USB usage pages also in received USB HID packets, fixes for example Logitech Precision gamepad ghost button events.
– Fixed border sprite bug introduced in b12, border sprites should stay hidden if border blanking is also enabled.
– Black frame insertion is now supported in legacy vsync D3D 100Hz+ modes. DirectDraw modes may also work.
– 68020+ cycle-exact CPU speed changed after entering and exiting GUI in some situations.
– Partition hardfile dragndrop didn’t work.
– Automatically loaded ROM path FastFileSystem file always replaced FileSystem.resource FFS when mounting FFS partition hardfiles (b1).
– Blitter DMA disabled, writing to BLTSIZE, writing to other blitter register(s) and finally enabling blitter DMA appears to start the blitter normally. (Pink Panther graphics corruption, probably worked accidentally in some old versions)


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