Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo 80% (Compo version)

Dodo's_Deep_Doo_Doo_GameHere comes a cute playable preview of Carl Mason’s latest game. Sadly the game isn’t quite finished yet, as Carl had just one more level to work on and he didn’t have enough time spare. Richard has accepted this promising playable preview as a compo entry and will be looking forward to releasing the full game when it gets finished. The last of the Dodo’s is trying to grow Dodo plants, by dropping eggs into the small holes. Unfortunately the poor blighter has to face a huge difficult job in avoiding the sailors and blunderbusses. Traps are laid around Mauritiaus, and the weather is hot. Whereas down here in England – It’s bladdy freezin’. Brrr! Enjoy this preview with funny title music added by Richard from TND.


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