CRT Monitor stand for less the $15

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This is not an article strictly related to Commodore, but it might be useful if you have CRT monitors for your machines, like I do. With the LCD monitors that we have today, more and more computer furniture is planned to hold these lighter devices, and not heavier ones.

Since my desk isn’t deep enough to fit the C64 and Amiga 500 and their monitors behind it, I decided to build monitor stands to put them over the computers. After thinking a bit about the project, I knew that the stands should be strong enough for the heavy monitors, or in other words, a lot of wood and work in front of me…

With that laziness beating me hard, I decided to google a bit to find this article, which gave me an excellent idea – IKEA!. The problem with the project presented there is that the stand would certainly bend with the monitor weight.

Researching on IKEA website, I’ve found a better option, would give way more strength: theLILLANGEN Leg frame. It costs only 10 Canadian Dollars a piece, and since it is meant to be cabinet legs, they are very well built and steady. I chose the 59cmx32cmx15cm one, which matches almost perfectly with the Ekby Laiva Shelf, which costs another 3 dollars!

Since the legs include all necessary screws in the package, it took me few minutes to assemble it and connect the shelf on top. The shelf doesn’t cover everything, but it is actually perfect for the cables.


The 59cm wide ones are perfect to fit both the C64C and the Amiga 500:


And here the final result, with everything connected and running:


So my advice it, if you have IKEA or any similar store close by, check their catalog, and not necessarily using pieces related to what you want. Being creative can save you some money (to spend in Commodore stuff, of course!)

Author: Paulo Garcia

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