The Lemon/EAB Super League 2013 – Round 4

screen01The latest round of the Lemon Amiga and English Amiga Board Super League is here, and for round 4 the two games are 2012’s “Downfall” and “BabeAnoid” from 2003.

Downfall is a conversion of an Atari Jaguar game, where you have to keep your main character on screen while the screen scrolls upwards, whilst BabeAnoid, as the name suggests, is an Arkanoid/Breakdout clone.

Both games are public domain titles, and as such are free and legal to download.

The competition is open to anyone, and you’re welcome to join in at any time.

Rules, screenshots of the games and links to download them can be found on this thread over on the Lemon Amiga Forums.

Get yourselves signed-up and take part!


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