Updated versions of Arcade Game Selector

AGSOCSIf you’re one of the many people who only use their Amiga systems for gaming, then the Arcade Game Selector may be right up your street. Rather than loading up Workbench, you simply switch your Amiga on, and the machine then loads the game selector system straight up from your hard drive.

Previously available as an AGA only release, English Amiga Board member tomcat666, has now produced an ECS version of his game selection system, for lower spec Amigas. Here’s the man himself with the details:

“I decided to update the AGS (Arcade Game Selector) menu systems for use in my A1200 (with 030/50Mhz) and my un-exapnded A600. As a base I took the OCS version of AGS system that I found on this forum. This version had nice sub-directories handling and a few other enhancements over the original AGS version (and the other enhanced one from lennon)… I am also including all of my start scripts and pictures for the games so you can set it up quickly. This one is similar to KGLoad with a few differences – menu is bigger (no cover photo), you can start ANY game from it, not just WHD games! It was fun to do some work in Amiga E language – never done that before”

For more information, including download links to both the AGA and OCS versions of the Arcade Game Selector, check out THIS thread over on the English Amiga Board.

Source: http://amigagamer.blogspot.co.uk

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