Boingsworld #38

boingsworldIssue #38 of the german podcast ‘BoingsWorld’ has been released. You can listen to the following articles: A-EON: HD-Audio driver, Turbo-card: Vampire 600 is now working stable, Prototype: Minimig housing in A1000 design, BBoAH: continues with a new internet address, TCP-Stack: Roadshow 1.9, Papa Petro: Amiga-1200 motherboards, ACA 500: New prototype, Retro housing X500 Plus, Hyperion and Individual close license deal, AmigaOS 4: Personal Paint, Leona’s Tricky Adventures, Velocity for AGA Amiga’s, SuperFrog, Ball Breaker, Frogatto, VirusKiller, Apple Lisa / Macintosh, Amiga 1000, Atari ST, Omnibus, Commodore A570, Maestro Professional, AD 516, GVP A530, Masoboshi Video Digi, Retina and Boeder PCMCIA cards.


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