WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 15

– IDE emulation drive status bit fix (DRQ and BSY active at the same time), fixes data corruption if IDEFix was active. (b5).
– Added support for previously unemulated and undocumented feature, sprites can appear 1 lores pixel earlier than first bitplane pixel. (First BPL1DAT access enables sprites immediately, only bitplanes need HRM documented delay). This is not normally visible because horizontal DIWSTRT usually equals bitplane left edge. Fixes “original” Rink-a-Dink/Lemon missing left white border in rotozoomer part.
– Do not use “8372 (Fat-hr) (agnushr),rev 5” VPOSR chipset id when config is ECS 2M chip RAM. This ID does not appear to exist in real world.
– Both bordersprite and borderblank active: sprites were incorrectly visible in upper and lower borders (241b13)
– Rewritten b4 “Subtle Shades” update, it was wrong and caused bad side-effects.


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