Vampire 500 Project

vampire500Majsta over at has started a new project code-named Vampire 500.
This project is in very early design stages but below is a little idea of what the specs may be. (subject to change)

  • Some FPGA core
  • 64 megabytes of mem
  • Micro SD
  • Wireless slot
  • spi slot (for RTC or something you want)
  • PC/2

All slots will be compatible with cheap arduino based upgrade boards. Performance between 6 and 9 Mips. (unconfirmed). What is done so far, nothing much but hardware design is almost done. Majsta has also got permission to use wireless codes build in C. Rest of softcore design should be the same like in his Vampire 600 project. MicroSD goal is to have two partitions, one for workbench and one for some kickstart.

EAB Thread:

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