WinUAE 2.6.0 Beta 16

– New style filter mask config entry didn’t load. (b6 or later)
– Improved mouse movement mapping in GamePorts panel remap window (It creates mouse movement mappings that makes sense..), also implements 1s delay before next mouse movement is accepted in test/remap modes to reduce accidental events.
– Don’t attempt to combine left/right->horizontal and up/down->vertical if remapping single event.
– Add select menu didn’t include any “standard” device-specific events. (Incorrect filtering)
– DirectDraw + none filter was slow. (b7)
– Blitter changes in b12 still had some problems.
– “Subtle Shades” update was still broken, caused strange glitches in some situations.
– Left and right border was always fully blanked if scanline was in HAM mode.
– Low latency vsync + black frame insertion now always uses threaded vsync mode, normally was only used if fastest possible CPU mode is in use (If you have 100Hz+ monitor, especially lightboost, your PC shouldn’t be low end..), improves stability. No buffer also supported but it can be unstable.
– Added “gfx_autoresolution_delay” config entry. Number of frames to wait before autoresolution mode changes, timeout will always reset if mode change is detected during timeout countdown.


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