Solomon's Key Atari ST ported to Amiga

WT-SKEY_001Use joystick with two buttons or keyboard.
Almost every key can be changed in ‘SET CONTROLS’ menu.

Default keys:
Cursor Left – left
Cursor Right – right
Cursor Up – jump
Cursor Down – crouch
A – spell
S – fireball
P – pause (other key to unpause)

F10 – back to OS (this key cannot be changed)

Keys configuration will be stored in sk.cfg. Highscore is saved too.
Both files are written during exit to OS.

This version contains 24 levels, counted with one hidden level.

– Amiga with free 1.0 MB CHIP.
Is possible to run game with 0.5 MB CHIP and 0.5 other mem
but sound fx will be disabled.

Note: Game can be a bit slower on 68000.

Download: WT-SKEY.DMS

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