What got you into the scene?

Another great question :)

In 1982 I sold all my Lego to buy a TI-99/4A from a neighbour. I had my own computer! My first one was a borrowed Acorn Atom.

Around 1984 I visited my friend Daniel who showed me Exploding Fist on his Spectrum and consequently my next computer was a C64, because I had seen Exploding Fist on it. But I liked the games on Spectravideo so much more I sold it and bought a SV-328. Shortly later, I got a SVI-738 MSX instead, which was both good and disappointing.

The fantastic architecture of the Amiga in 1987 is what got me into the scene. So much so that I programmed my first demo on my MSX and built a sampler to sample the ‘Ei’ instrument on it :)

It quickly became perfectly obvious to me that Amiga could do things NO other home computer could do. I drooled over crack intros, Barbarian and Nebulus, Protracker, Dpaint and beautiful ladies in colorful hats chewing on pencils. Jaw hung ajar.

I probably would have discovered the Amiga too late if Paul Stuart hadn’t let me spend pretty much every day of Xmas holiday 87/88 hanging out and playing on his Amiga, cos they were pretty pricey at the time, and I hadn’t saved up for one yet.

Some colas and pizzas later (why does that seem to be the intrinsic property of hanging out & enjoyable times???) sure enough, we’d formed a group ;) Paul and Johan as swappers, I was coder, and a 3 years older bloke Jonas who had made some great music! B.R.A.I.N.S. was born. :P

The fundamental discovery was that people had coded so called “demos” *just* for bragging rights. And bragging rights fits right in with the megalomaniacal knowitall nature of a 15-16yo mind. ;) And when you could code all these wonderful new things where previously there were only the usual character grids and sprites… how exciting and promising!

Amiga was something else, Amiga was a bright new future, and the possibilities were endless… this was the start of all dreams of wonder and delusions of grandieur. Because it was unexpectedly great.

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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