Keyrah v2

keyrahv2Individual Computers announced the new Keyrah v2. With the Keyrah you can connect an original Commodore keyboard and two digital joysticks to a modern PC. With the new version you can configured the keyboard (USA/ German) and 8bit or 16 bit computer (C64, VIC-20, C16, Amiga 1200 or Amiga 600. With a little modification you can also use the C128 (D), C116 and Plus/4 keyboards.


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2 thoughts on “Keyrah v2

  1. Hello there my friend … i am looking for this v2b for my Commodore 128 keyboard… i have been looking and asking , friends and websites, but no were i can get my hands on one… i really really like to get one… is there any way i can buy one from you or point me somewhere to get one … thank you for understanding and any help you can give me … thank you my friend…

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