New Back in Time Live – Sep 15th, Manchester

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Back in Time Live is back in Manchester on September 15th, in co-operation with Retro Revival, SceneSat and the Superbyte 2013 Festival!

  • Great live music, Oscar awards for gaming and general SID awesomeness… and more! Even if you can’t make it, the event will be live-streamed on SceneSat Radio.
  • Watch legends such as Jeroen Tel and 8-Bit Weapon do their 8-bit thing on stage!
  • Compete for Oscars on Pitstop II, IK+, BMX Simulator, Microprose Soccer and Hypersports!
  • Jam with remixers and musicians in our music space, where Chris Abbott will be playing remix tracks and bits to jam to. Can you pass the Lightforce riff challenge?
  • Spot Thing on a Spring during the day for entry into a prize draw! Guest star and event mascot Thing on a Spring (the only remaining plushie of his kind) will be attending complete with handlers John and Stephanie. If you see him (careful, he’s small!) you get a free ticket to a draw for one-off Thing on a Spring merchandise!
  • Bid in our charity auction, where one-of-a-kind items such as the master copies of the Back in Time CDs, a one-of-a-kind Sid-Synth-Guitar, a fully loaded Quadrasid, signed sheet music (TBC), and the last-in-the-world copies of out of print CDs.
  • There will also be CD shops.

NOTE: while the acts are confirmed, and we’re trying to make it as awesome as possible, we can’t guarantee the appearance of any person or group at the event due to, y’know, life stuff.

All proceeds are going to a charitable cause guaranteed to warm the heart. More details on request.

The event is organised by Paul Danceaway Hesford, Chris C64Audio Abbott and Chris Wilkins. Visit his Retro Revival event May 18th/19th if you get the chance!


Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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