C64SD v2.0 Infinity – sd2iec becomes a TAP PLAYER (test-preview)

[youtube JNQWIXCgxLw nolink]

Over on Manosoft’s YouTube page, he tests the C64SD v2.0 Infinity with the new ITS (Infinity Tap Sd2iec) module.

The First SD2IEC to read TAP files!!

  • Reads v1/v2 format tap files on all CBM machines including C16 and Plus4 (264 series)
  • Works with the latest original version of SD2IEC firmware (original latest version) modded for ITS (by Hawui1)
  • SD2IEC+ITS modded firmware, preserves all the orginal functions of sd2iec and adds a real TAP digital player for micro atmega 1284p
  • Includes STOP/START management and an override switch for Motor
  • Recognizes and indicates via the blue led on C64SD which type of file TAP is being loaded (V1 or V2) by using different flash rates
  • Equipped with a speaker to hear the digital tracking (including volume control)
  • Features a real pass-through datasette port to connect original 1530/1531 datasette and master tap files from C64sd to cassette tape

Module is designed to work only on C64SD Hardware.
This module is not a grabber (it can’t create .TAP files from existing tapes)

Source: YouTube

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2 thoughts on “C64SD v2.0 Infinity – sd2iec becomes a TAP PLAYER (test-preview)

  1. Great, because then the games, for whom no m2i-files exists, like “grand monster slam” “maniac mansion” and so on, could be played as tap-files. because for some of them tap-files exist, not in .t64-format but in .tap-format. so, when this works, it`s great.

    then only the sd2iec-incompatibilty to many of the demos must be wiped out and everything would be perfect.

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