MIST – Atari ST / Amiga fpga CLONE

MiSTTill Harbaum’s “MiST” is a FPGA-motherboard which is to emulate different home computers or arcade automats with the help of different “cores”. Originally MiST has been only an Atari ST-clone and therefore – similar to Minimig – was called “MiniST”. Since then the project is developed as “MiST” (aMIga/ST).

MiST has a more powerful FPGA which can also emulate a 68000-CPU and therefore does not need an additional processor. The motherboard has among others four USB-ports, a SD-slot, two ports for Amiga-/Atari joysticks as well as a VGA-output.

The Polish dealer Lotharek sells the boards which costs with black or white metal case 190 Euro (plus shipping). Currently the cases are produced. The computers will be delivered at the end of June.

Website: http://lotharek.pl

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