WinUAE 2.6.1 beta 2

– Moved >2M Chip RAM merge earlier in boot process. Previous was too late and it broke early boot menu. (It sets reset proof resident positioned at the end of chip ram and if chip ram is not available early enough, exec assumes resident is invalid and ignores it). Now nearly complete unfragmented Chip RAM is available, even if booting with Chip RAM only configuration.
– Do not filter all keyboard presses without matching releases, only filter repeats. (Which isn’t that simple because press and repeating press are identical events)
– Inverted keyboard releases (=press) required matching release before next press event was accepted. (This update wasn’t really needed but maybe in future it will be more useful)
– Added separate 68060 unimplemented integer emulation checkbox. More compatible should only enable/disable prefetch emulation. (approximate/partial or 68000 exact)
– 68060 MOVEP was not marked as unimplemented.
– Non-prefetch CPU mode now fully checks if memory disappears after reset by checking memory “bank” pointers instead of using hardcoded addresses. Program doing software reset by executing RESET + JMP (An) now always works. (If opcode is something else or PC points to non-existing memory for some reason, it assumes program attempted normal software reset and jumps to start of ROM code). Makes aros arosbootstrap softkick more reliable under emulation.
– Tree view “Hard drives” -> “CD & Hard drives”
– Delay 68020+ interrupt detection by one instruction unless cycle exact is enabled. (For example Skeleton Krew CD32 first enables interrupt and then updates interrupt vector. Game code even guarantees request is active while enabling interrupts..)
– 68040 MMU PTEST and 68060 MMU PLPA instructions were shown incorrectly by debugger. (Read was shown as write and vice versa. Emulation was working fine)

TODO: hq2x shader filter fix and 2.6.1 should be mostly done.


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