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120214Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

War Under Sea 2, It’s Fried Egg, Schlimeisch Mania +F [pal/ntsc], Schlimeisch Mania, Sheepoid DX +D, Sheepoid DX +7HFD [pal/ntsc], Meet Cresh, Genesis Project “PETSCII Skull Intro, Woolly Jumper [Full Version] +D, Wall of Fire 1, More Petscii Part 2, Laxity Intro #51 (Gangsta Graffity), Imohgen, Brixels don’t hit back, Trance Sector CE +10HFD 100% [pal/ntsc], Glider Rider +4/D/P/TL, Cyborg B61, AFL-Intro 2013 #04, AROK Girl, NOMAD, Ninfetta, Arcade Fruit Machine 101% +4DFH, Immensity Preview, Stary Zara WrociEleonORA, Ode to Crest, I’ll Catch You!, S7, Human Hunting, B-land Scrapbook, Love Fileosophy 2SID, Ptakozaur, In a Green World, Jet Set Willy Bugfixed – TAPES, Blank Page, Part 3 2SID, Leavin’ L.A., Farfocel, Badgeher, Waiting for Silesia, Masks, IK-, Chwast, Back to the 80s, Tribute, Arok Maniacs, Somar, Where is my Home, Animal Farm, Something Wrong, Indy?Dark Vibrations, Sandmonster, Tube, I am 8bit, History, Oink, Cyborg 2, In a Rush, Kanikurwy, Chemoglobina, Co Ty Mi Dasz 2SID, Mr Do’s Castle Medley 2SID, Cow Anus Fucked 2SID, Last Party 2SID, Ona Tanczy Dla Mnie, Cow Anus Fucked, Zakazany Owoc, Ducks From Mars, Quadrangulus 80%, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Big Blue, APIandC64, For Bugjam 9, Extend[ED]RetroHoLiC=$ and Vigasz.

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