WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 1

– Hardware Cirrus Logic based SVGA Zorro II/III RTG board emulation.
– SLIRP user mode NAT emulation.
– Added SCSI tape emulation. Amix tape based install works, also tested with Quarterback and Diavolo.
– lua scripting support added from fs-uae. Very minimal at the moment.
– SCSI HD/CD/TAPE statefile compatibility improved.
– SCSI emulation compatibility improved, Amix use of WD Select and Transfer used wrong data size when direction was from WD to device and command was not write command, for example MODE SELECT.
– Show custom chip mode as interlace/not interlaced decision now more closely matches real hardware behavior. (No, it isn’t as simple as BPLCON0 LACE bit set/not set)
– Show also device type (HDF, CD, TAPE) in Harddrives panel.
– Joystick axis dead-zone fix, wired xbox 360 d-pad missed events, it didn’t affect wireless version. (261b2)
– Top and/or bottom border showed graphics garbage if AGA sprites outside of bitplane area feature was enabled and in use and screen mode was HAM. (Tint / Black Lotus)
– Dragging and dropping archive/file to WB tried (unsuccesfully) replace already existing normal directory harddrive if dropped file and directory harddrive had same base path.
– Renamed CPU cycle exact speed multipliers and added 1x speed (1:1 CPU/DMA clock sync)
– It was impossible to select RTG aspect ratio select box Automatic value.
– Display panel depth select box was not updated if new resolution had more or less depth choices than previously selected resolution.
– Mouse was captured even if “Start mouse uncaptured” was ticked and booting to RTG mode.
– Amiga side does not anymore see .lnk extension if it is valid Windows shortcut softlink.
– Enabling JIT for the first time in GUI now always forces JIT Direct mode.
– If blitter was started one cycle before final D write (Cycle which is always unused by blitter), new blit’s 2 cycle startup incorrectly accepted DMA cycles that were not free. (Day of Reckoning / Digital)
– Bitplane DMA incorrectly stole sprite DMA in some situations (Plastic Passion / Upfront)
– Sync clock when resuming from sleep/hibernate (if clock sync option is ticked)

SLIRP notes:

– Available for A2065 and uaenet.device (uaenet unit 0 = slirp, 1 = first WinPCap device)
– Does not need any drivers, uses normal WinSock API.
– NAT, outbound connections only.
– TCP and UDP only (no ICMP or other ethernet frame types)
– DHCP supported.
– Manual settings: IP, Gateway, DNS, Mask

Hardware graphics board emulation notes:

– Currently emulates following Cirrus Logic GD542X/543X based boards:
* – Picasso II
* – Picasso II+
* – Piccolo
* – Piccolo SD 64 (Zorro II and III)
* – Spectrum 28/24 (Zorro II and III)
* – Picasso IV may be implemented in future.
– Uses QEMU Cirrus Logic SVGA graphics chip emulation.
– Picasso 96 and CyberGraphX v4 tested.
– Works with non-AmigaOS operating systems that don’t support UAEGFX RTG board.
– Vertical blank timing uses GUI configured refresh rate value, display sync settings programmed to VGA chip are completely ignored.
– Only single VRAM size supported which is hardware supported max VRAM. Smaller VRAM requires emulating of VRAM aliasing and banking stuff that drivers use for VRAM size detection. It would become too Direct mode JIT unfriendly. Future “more compatible but slower” option is possible.

SCSI Tape notes:

– Tape path can point to directory, archive or plain file.
– Directory: all files in directory are included in virtual tape, ordered in whatever order OS returns the directory (unless index.tape is found), emulated file mark is between each file. Subdirectories are ignored.
– Archive: All files in archive are included, including subdirectories.
– Plain single file: tape only contains selected single file.
– If directory or archive and index.tape is found, it is assumed to contain order of files in virtual tape, plain file name strings separated by line feeds.
– Writing is also supported if path points to a directory. Creates files named xxxxx.tape where xxxxx is file number.
– Tape ERASE command only deletes files that have extension .tape to prevent accidental data loss. Subdirectories are also ignored.
– Can be connected to SCSI hardware emulation (SCSI0-6) or uaescsi.device (UAE), uaescsi.device unit number is always 4 or larger (if 4 was already used by some CD device).
– Tape change on the fly is supported.

lua scripting:

– very minimal and basic at the moment.
– lua=<path to script> in config file, multiple files supported.
– lua/default.lua is loaded by default.
– supported UAE-specific functions:
uae_log, uae_read_u8, uae_read_u16, uae_peek_u16, uae_write_u8, uae_write_u16
uae_read_config, uae_write_config.
– lua functions:
on_uae_vsync (every vsync)
on_uae_config_changed (any config value has changed)


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