Escape from London – Text adventure for the Commodore 64

Loading-ScreenYou are John, working in London, away from your  family. Its holiday time and your wife, son and daughter are joining you in the capital for a few days sight seeing. You are on the tube, heading to Euston Station to meet them from the train. The power suddenly turns off and the tube stops in Russell Square Station, nothing to shock you as you are a regular user, but this is different, the station power is gone also. Some lights flicker on the platform. After 5 minutes with no communication from the driver you and fellow passengers start to look around and get worried, after 10 minutes in the dark and the driver being on the platform, passengers start to open the doors manually.

A lone figure comes running on to the platform, they are out of breathe, they have just come into the station using the stairs, a 170+ step spiral staircase, they tell you the shocking news:
“London’s lost all power, everywhere, I heard 4 or 5 explosions and then noticed that people down the bottom of the road were falling down. I just ran into the station, but with no power, the lifts are not working and I used the stairs ..”

You have to think fast.. Find your family.. Escape from London ..

Escape from London is available to buy now on Ebay for £4.99, postage is free!
Digital download available for general release Sat 3rd August.


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