TOD_Tetris_AmigaTOD simulates a game of Tetris experienced under the influence
of hallucinogenic drugs. Officially, TOD stands for Tetanus On
Drugs, but it also is German for “death.”

If you have a joystick plugged in, the game will use the joystick;
otherwise, it’ll use the arrow keys, quote, and enter. For the left
player in a two-player game, use R F D G to move and A S to rotate.

Pieces fall from the top of the playfield.  It’s your job to move and
rotate those pieces such that they fall neatly into place in complete,
unbroken horizontal lines.  Your opponents are:

  •  Time. The pieces will pile up on you if you don’t think fast.
  •  Hallucinogens. Once the drug dosage begins to increase, you start to lose track of what’s happening on-screen.
  • The other player.  In two-player games, your opponent can send you either garbage from the bottom of the screen or a dose of hallucinogens.

Download: tod.lha

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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