WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 2

Cirrus Logic emulation updates:

– Fixed Piccolo SD64 Z2 wrong address space size.
– Piccolo is Z2/Z3 board.
– Fixed Z3 board subsize.
– Improved QEMU CL emulation glue code, VRAM banking/offsets supported.
– Some modes had invisible hardware sprite (mouse cursor).
– Implemented Piccolo/SD64/Spectrum vblank interrupts. Picasso96 won’t hang anymore.
– Reset didn’t reset all necessary graphics board variables.
– Force 32-bit host display mode if byteswapped board is selected (Any board except PicassoII/II+) Cirrus Logic emulation code supports byteswapping only in 32-bit mode.
– Note: Most VGA planar modes (16 colors or less) are not working. Includes also mouse cursor.

Other updates:

– Rewritten memory bank handling, moved all memory variables (start address, mask, size, etc) to addrbank stucture. Standard RAM bank code duplication replaced with macros.
– Debugger memwatch points now also detect hits in aliased addresses and only bank(s) that have watched addresses are redirected to debugger.
– CDTV SCSI option works again.
– Some uaenet.device improvements.
– It was not possible to write to Amithlon-style partitions.
– 5:4 aspect ratio had disappeared.
– CIA-A TOD counts (if vsync timed) on line 5 (PAL) or line 6 (NTSC), not line 0. (This is not 100% accurate yet, horizontal position is still wrong, will be improved in later betas)
– Installer update also coming, will be built with WiX (msi installer).


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