WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 3

– Disable Z3 Cirrus Logic RTG board if 24-bit address space.
– Hard reset and CL board enabled crashed.
– Added Chipset/RTG screen toggle input event (“Toggle chipset/RTG screen”). Only works when RTG mode is active, supports both Cirrus Logic emulation and uaegfx. NOTE: temporarily also hardwired to END + F9.
– VGA planar modes (<=16 colors) work now.
– VGA text modes confirmed working (NetBSD and OpenBSD enable VGA console automatically if supported board detected)
– Piccolo appears to have 4M address space (VRAM alias). Fixes EGS 7.4 graphics bugs and missing mouse cursor.
– >1024 pixel tall modes work now correctly, including cursor vertical positioning (see below).
– GD542x documentation says hardware cursor can’t be used if “Multiply Vertical Registers by Two” bit is set (allows >1024 pixel tall modes, wasn’t emulated in original qemu code) unless chip is GD5429 or later. But CGX4 does use it with boards that only had GD5426 or GD5428. I guess it only happens when cgxmode is used to create impossible modes that no real monitor or chip can support…

– Added misc panel “Hide all UAE autoconfig boards” option. It deletes all UAE-only autoconfig board ConfigDev nodes in ExpansionBase.
– Rewritten .cue decoding, some CD images with audio tracks had incorrect audio positioning, for example Tie Break Tennis CDTV and Falcon CDTV.
– Log also physical/virtual CD drive track information.
– CIA-A vsync TOD counting is now cycle-exact. (if cycle values in Commodore’s Agnus sync pulse timing sheet are correct, they appear to be because it is standard PAL/NTSC)
– CIA-B hsync TOD counting is also positioned cycle-exactly now (end of hsync pulse), was at the start of scanline previously.


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