WinUAE 2.7.0 beta 4

– Picasso IV RTG board emulation implemented. Very important information:
– * Requires full 128k raw flash rom image, available from (PIV_FlashImageXX), renamed as picasso_iv_flash.rom
– * Does not use rom scanner system, image file must be located in Paths panel configured rom path.
– * Very big thanks to Tobias Seiler for answering questions about board’s hardware implementation.
– * Do not bother Tobias (or anyone else) who does not develop UAE with Picasso IV emulation problems.
– * Only implements basic functionality, flifi or other extra stuff is not emulated.
– * Real Picasso IV uses flifi when displaying Amiga modes, emulation ignores it and simply displays Amiga modes normally.
– * Picasso96 and CGX4 confirmed working.

– Piccolo autoconfig size change reverted, problem appears to be caused by EGS 7.4 driver bug.
– >1024 pixel tall interlace mode fix.
– CL vertical blank handling fixed, it caused spurious interrupts in some situations.
– uaegfx driver was enabled if on-disk version was loaded and hardware board emulation was configured.

– CIA TOD counting delay emulated. Time between TICK input going active and TOD increasing has 14-16 E-clock cycle delay. Logic analyzer confirmed using ALARM interrupt.
– Disabled CIA TOD bug emulation. It makes no sense, I have AGA program that refuses to work on my real A1200 (Gets unexpected interrupt and crashes) but there is no way it didn’t work 20 or so years ago..
– Workaround for hard drive enumeration waking up sleeping drives if one or more harddrives are mounted in configuration and emulation is started. To enable it, all configured real harddrives (or memory cards) need to be re-configured using GUI and config saved to create new config field required to find the drive without enumeration. Falls back to full enumeration if drive’s “friendly” name does not match config saved value or new config entry is missing.
– Simplified CIA interrupt handling, removed some old hack which appears to be obsolete. I hope.
– Added CPU interrupt level information to visual DMA debugger. Each scanline has extra pixel on left side of DMA usage image that shows scanline’s highest CPU interrupt level.

– Rewritten 68020/030 cycle-exact emulation core. Emulates 68020 simultaneous bus controller and instruction execution more accurately. It still runs too fast, but at least it is less fast than previously, still lots of tweaking to do but at least now it should be possible to match real 68020 more closely than what was possible with old code.

– 68020/030 CPU emulation updates, prefetch emulation (also used in cycle-exact mode) should be much more compatible, “more compatible” checked without cycle-exact now also includes instruction cache emulation.
– 68030+ more compatible (prefetch) and 68040+ “cycle-exact” modes are broken temporarily. Do not use.
– Restoring old 68020 cycle-exact saved state files may show dialog complaining about mismatched state information and restore may also fail. It is normal, will be fixed later.
– Cycle-exact CPU accesses to AGA custom registers used 32-bit accesses, not 16-bit.
– b3 .cue decoding update broke some variants, fixed.
– Added workaround for Windows returning returning invalid (too small) value when asking for ACM_METRIC_MAX_SIZE_FORMAT. (Output panel crashing)


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