CiA Updates #03

CiA UpdateIt’s been a while since we’ve updated you on what’s added to the site other than the news of course.

I can with great pleasure say that we’ve added quite a lot of new magazines to the site. Some have replaced older as the new ones are in a high quality.

The Danish magazine Computer Action has had it’s first 2 issues added, there are 7 in total and they will all be added during the next few months.

KiwiArcader @ has made a lot of magazines too, the ones that are affiliated with Commodore are also available here.

We’ve gotten some new people that contribute scans to us. pgarcia, Retrograde, Pievspie and Zapotek have all contributed scans of games. Some aren’t added to the site yet, but they are under pre-processing.

We’ve added a new Magazine section: C64 Scene Stuff. This is dedicated to the C64 hardcopy scene material. This section might get moved out to it’s own dedicated space, as we also are working on acquiring scans of diskette covers, drawn by sceners.

The complete list is too long to show here. but take a look in the site-updates.


  • (C64) The Legend of Blacksilver box – Remastered
  • (Amiga) Eye of the Beholder box – Remastered
  • (Amiga) Civilization
  • (Amiga) Dune II
  • (Amiga) Elite
  • (Amiga) Lion King
  • (Amiga) Beneath a steel sky
  • (C64) Armalyte
  • (C64) Battle Valley


  • GamesX
  • Games Master
  • Amiga User International
  • Computer Action (danish)
  • Amiga Bladet Cover disks
  • CU Amiga Cover CD’s

Scene Stuff

  • Business
  • Binary Zone

Do you feel there’s something we don’t have on the site? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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